Wheatgrass Ebook Released

The founder of Foodgroove is producing a series of Health Books.  These will be in ebook and print format. The series is called “Health Matters” and the first book in the series is called “Wheatgrass Miracles”


Wheatgrass Miracles is an exploration of wheatgrass and its benefits. It provides answers to ‘How has it been used?’, ‘Who recommends it?’ and ‘What effect can it have? The author provides a personal view of her own experience with wheatgrass and how this caused her to become a true believer in Food as Medicine. Wheatgrass has positively affected the outcome for a growing army of people, and examples are given in the book, with a number of testimonials and doctors’ statements.

Wheatgrass has also proved to be an effective supplement to assist with detox, and strengthen your immunity system. Therefore it should be considered as an essential part of preventative healthcare. Check out what wheatgrass can do for you and your family. Your body and your loved ones may thank you.

With Testimonials and Doctors Recommendations, it is 177 pages of of proof that wheatgrass works.  Instructions for use and Recipes are also given.

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