Cell Phone Dangers – and How to Use Safely

Recommendations from Dr Barrie Trower from an interview April 2015.

Minimise your use and dependence on mobile phones and tablets.

If you use a cell phone for 27 minutes per day for 10 years (cumulative), you have a 40% chance of getting cancer.

If the call is a long call, use a landline.

A long call could be 6 minutes or more.

A mobile phone is best 8 inches away from your body

Do not have a mobile phone or tablet near your abdomen.

Note that, Insurance companies, have written in exclusion clauses, saying they will not cover cancers from low level microwaves. Lloyds of London have advised insurance companies not to cover students who are sitting in front of wifi.  They must know something they are not telling us.

In the US, the average American teenager sends 3000 texts per month.

Every time they text, they are bursting microwaves through their bodies.

Note children are not fully developed until they are 22 years old.

Do not put mobiles or tablets on your stomach.

Have your electronic equipment at least a meter away from your head when you go to sleep.


During the week of 29th August, 214, a California Magazine published an article about a proposed Berkeley city ordinance that would require every new mobile phone sold in town to have a sticker on it warning that the World Health Organization has deemed transmissions from cell phones a “possible” cause of brain cancer. Berkeley would be the first city to propose something like this while the debate on the accuracy of this statement rolls on strong between epidemiologists and the scientific community.

Source: dailycal.org


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