Typical Mexican Dishes

Traditional Mexican Meal

Appetizer-Shrimp Ceviche
Main Dish-Easy Enchiladas
Side Dish-Spanish Rice
Dessert-Plantains Con Crema
Authentic Mexican

Main Dish- Chiles Rellenos
Side Dish- Refried Beans
Side Dish- Arroz Rojo
Dessert- Flan
Mexican Breakfast or Brunch

Main Dish-Breakfast Enchiladas
Main Dish-Huevos Chorizo Scramble
Side Dish-Jalapeno Corn Cakes

Cocktails-Lime Margaritas
Main Dish-Ensalada Mexicana Fresca
Side Dish- Gazpacho
Dessert- Helado (Ice cream) topped with Mexican Chocolate Sauce
On the Grill

Main Dish- Carne Asada
Side Dish- Grilled Onions and Peppers
Side Dish- Homemade Tortillas
Side Dish- Fresh Salsa
When a Chill is in the Air

Main Dish- Pumpkin Chorizo Soup
Side Dish- Jalapeno Refried Black Beans
Dessert- Apple Empanadas
Savory Mexican

Main Dish- Posole
Side Dish- Flour Tortillas
Side Dish- Chopped onion and cilantro
Dessert- Sweet Sopes

Main Dish- Mexican Style Chicken Parmesan
Side Dish- Zesty Green Chile and Tomato Salad
Side Dish- Chilied Corn
Dessert- Sopaipillas

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