Russian Restaurant in Manchester

St Petersburg story

The main distinction of St. Petersburg cuisine is not only its imperial character,but as well its international features providing an excellent choice of meals from Russian cuisine.

St. Petersburg long time been the European capital of the Russia and alongside with original Russian dishes,city cuisine included dishes all over the Russia and also meals from Europe,especially from French and German cuisine,witch after Russian influence became a St.Petersburg cuisine meals. But not only Europe changed Russian cuisine and also Russian dishes became a part of the world cuisine such as steak “Tartar”(Tartarean steak),chicken “Kiev”, beef stroganoff and many others.

The best authentic and the only one outside London Russian restaurant established in 1996 invite you to taste an excellent choice of different meals from Russia. It has been featured in both the National and Local Press, as well as on Granada TV and the BBC.

Traditional Russian hospitality,superlative menu and extensive selection best Russian plain and flavoured Vodka, Wine and Beer in our “Peter The Great” Vodka-bar, music and live entertainment will make your time unforgettable.



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