Zero Food Scores make news

A business can come back from zero or low scores on the door.  Look at the story of Hull Cheese Pub who received some unwelcome publicity.  For those wanting a drink in a pub they would not care, but those who wanted to eat might think twice before ordering the lunchtime special.

BEFORE (Zero score)

Environmental health consultants in takeaway clampdown
People with environmental health jobs have given two Hull eateries scores of zero for food hygiene.

The Hull Cheese pub and Venice Greenbay takeaway were given scores of zero out of 100 for their standards of hygiene, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

Inspectors at Hull City Council found the conditions of both food outlets poor as part of the Scores on the Doors hygiene scheme.

The damning reports mean the restaurant and takeaway will undergo regular thorough inspections from people with jobs in environmental health.

Results of the inspection were revealed after the Hull Daily Mail called for findings to be made public under the Freedom of Information Act.

Assistant head of CitySafe for public protection at the council Trevor Todd said: “It is very likely that where any food outlet scores a zero, there will be formal action by environmental health officers, whether that’s a closure, an improvement notice, or evidence gathered towards bringing a prosecution.”

The Venice Greenbay takeaway has already been fined £4,800 for breaching several food standards regulations.

This new comes after 23 of 47 tested eateries in Forest Row, East Sussex, were given full marks for their food hygiene, the Crawley News reports.

AFTER (Happy Ending)

‘We want glory days back at Hull Cheese’ – boxer Micky Brooks
By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: March 06, 2012

BAR’S OPEN: From left, Kelly, Sue and Mick Brooks. Above, £100,000 has been spent on refurbishing the pub. Pictures: Jerome Ellerby
BAR’S OPEN: From left, Kelly, Sue and Mick Brooks. Pictures: Jerome Ellerby
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AN INFAMOUS city centre pub is shedding its troubled reputation and relaunching after a £100,000 revamp.

The Hull Cheese pub in Paragon Street was reopened yesterday by former professional boxer and trainer Micky Brooks and his wife, Sue, who took on the lease late last year.

The Cheese has had a troubled past and was the scene of a violent brawl in February 2009, which left notorious Hull criminal Derek George in hospital and saw five men jailed for a total of five-and-a-half years in January 2010.

But Mr Brooks, 52, who worked in the pub trade in Hull for many years, is determined to shake off the venue’s past and give it a fresh lease of life.

He said: “I believe this is one of the best pubs in town.

“It a really famous pub, right in the centre of the city. Apparently, it used to sell the most Stella of any pub in the whole of Europe.

“It did have a bit of a reputation because there has been a bit of trouble there and it got some bad food reviews.

“We’re going to turn all that around and make it popular again.”

Hull Cheese is owned by Marston’s Pub Company, which has invested about £100,000 in sprucing up the premises.

The entire building has been gutted and redecorated with a new bar, furniture, televisions and pool tables.

A new kitchen has been fitted to improve the pub’s grub, which includes classic dishes such as fish and chips, lasagne, burgers and sausage and mash.

Micky said: “It needed a revamp. It hadn’t had any work done for ten years or so.

“We’re trying to move from nighttime to more daytime trade with sports on TV and good food.

“We’re mad on rugby here and football.”

Mr Brooks spent several years running Hull drinking spots, including The Halfway Hotel in Hessle Road, The White Lion at the bus station and the Rising Sun in Beverley Road.

He then left the pub trade for ten years to work at Easington power station and on offshore rigs, while Sue, 48, took a job at Rumours in North Church Side.

Micky and Sue decided to return to being publicans last year.

Micky said: “We both like mixing with the customers and the socialising side of it.

“My wife is fantastic with customer service and making sure everyone is looked after. She was made for the pub trade.”

They will be running Hull Cheese with the help of their daughter Kelly, 21.

“It really is a family-run business,” said Micky.

“We’re popular people and we want to return the Cheese to its glory days.”


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